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Demo for mm_addToSideBar() - Netscape 6+ Only
for use with Milonic Solutions' DHTML Menu V5

This sample page was created in reference to this thread in the "Help and Support for Version 5".

To test the function click the item in the above menu. This function is only supported by Netscape 6+ browsers. It may also work in FireFox 1.0.2+  Other browsers will trigger an alert that they don't support this feature.

This function emulates the automatic bookmarking of Internet Explorer, however it does NOT automatically bookmark a site in Netscape. It adds a new Tab in Netscape6+ browsers' sidebar. This tab has a link in it that opens a small page into the side bar. It is on that small page you would place the link to your site. .

To use the mm_addToSideBar() function:

  1. First create the page that will load into the sidebar. This is the page that will have the link to your site. The link may be text or a small image. That would be the only thing on the page.

  2. In the link add target="_content" This will make the linked page load into the main browser window. For example, "" target="_content"

  3. Decide where you are going to upload the page to your site, and copy that url so you have it  available. This url, the place you uploaded the page, is the url you will use in the function. In this sample:

    window.sidebar.addPanel("Milonic DHTML Menu", "","");

  4. Place the following code at the top of your menu_data.js file. Don't include line breaks, it should not wrap as it is shown here.
    function mm_addToSidebar() {
    if (window.sidebar && window.sidebar.addPanel)
    window.sidebar.addPanel("Milonic DHTML Menu",
    } else {
    alert("Your browser do not support this feature.")
    1. Change "Milonic DHTML Menu" to whatever text you want to show on the tab.

    2. Change the url to the page you made. This will load in the SIDEBAR when you click the newly added tab. This is the page you created and uploaded to your site with your site link.

    3. Place the function call in the aI string:

      aI("text=Bookmark in Netscape 6+ SideBar;url=javascript:mm_addToSidebar();");

  5. Test before uploading to your working site. You must have the sidebar available, i.e. open, for this to function.

DHTML Menu courtesy of  Milonic Solutions
Download  mm_addToSideBar.js() sample