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These functions have been compiled from various discussions threads. Each contains a working demo, a link to the thread, and a downloadable zip example. The functions have not necessarily been created by Milonic and are only provided in this format as a convenience to Milonic users.

Name Description

IE FILTERS DEMO this is an interactive demo which allows you to set and test on the menu overfilters and outfilters for Internet Explorer and provides the relevant coding

Add To Favorites

allows a click on the menu to add the page to Favorites. This only works in IE

Add Tab To SideBar

semi-emulates Internet Explorer's add to Favorites. Allows a click on the menu to add a specified page to Netscape 6+ Sidebar as a Tab. This only works in Netscape.

Bread Crumb

provides pagematching when using the menu on a main page and calling pages into iframes

Change Item Property

will change an item's property dynamically, i.e. offbgcolor, onbgcolor, type, etc. It can be used to change one or more item properties

Change Menu Property

will change a menu property. It can be used to change one or more menu properties.

Dynamic Context Right Click

allows toggle between the Milonic bolt-on default right-click context menu and a second context menu with other options which is triggered by right clicking on a link.

Item Random Image

randomly selects and displays an image for an item from different listed images when the page is loaded

Load Multiple iFrames

allows the use of multiple links opening in multiple iframes with one click

New Item Notification

places a 'new' image in an item and automatically removes it after a specified date.

Pass Item Reference
Text Breadcrumb Example

passes _itemRef from one page to another, keeping track of the item[s] clicked to that point. This example uses the function to extract textual content.

Select Box

will have the Milonic menu emulate a select box form. A menu item may be a select box or the menu can be placed inside a form as a select box. Examples of both are shown.

set as Home Page

allows a click on the menu to set the page to Home Page. This only works in IE.

set Parent Over Image

allows a third image in the rollover which would be triggered based on a submenu mouseOver.

set Time Out

allows you set an alert to test that main menus are drawn before calling your routines

site index

an add-on that dynamically generates a site index as a collection of unordered lists that mirrors the hierarchy of your menus and opens in a pop window.

swap Text

allows you to swap text on mouseOver of a menu item

Milonic Bolt-on Modules These modules have been created by Milonic. View and download bolt-on modules here
In most cases the module must be downloaded separately from the sample or demo files.

Change colors by click

will change the bgcolor, color, subimage, image on clicking an item


places a date and time in the menu. You can either insert it as an item in a menu or create a separate alwaysvisible single item clock menu in addition to your data menu. An example of each is shown.

Context Right Click

allows for use of right click to open a context menu. See the  Dynamic Context Right Click  demo to add more versatility to this module

Draggable Menu

this module allows setting the type of menu to draggable


allows the menu to be used across standard frames

Keyboard Menu Access

allows the menu to be accessed through use of the keyboard

Page Highlighting Module

allows manual setting of page highlighting, good for use with sites using iframes, or to force page highlighting on a page not reached through the menu.

Object Hiding Module

allows the hiding of objects such as forms, flash, applets when a menu opens over them

Open Menus by URL

opens submenus on their related page and keeps them always visible on those pages. Submenus work as usual on any non-related page

Preload Images

This module preloads the menu images. There is no demo for this module. It requires no editing, just place the call for the module after your other menu file calls


allows creation of tips which will show when the item is moused over. The tips can be styled to match the menu.

Tree/Collapsible Menus

used with vertical orientation this allows the menu to open subs downward on click, shifting the other main items below the opened submenu